Fixed Fire Suppression System

There are different types of fixed fire suppression systems that can be installed in your commercial property to prevent any fire damages. These fixed fire suppression systems such as sprinkler systems need regular maintenance in order to ensure they function properly in case of an emergency situation. But what will happen if you avoid their maintenance? Well, here are some things that can happen if you do not properly maintain your fire sprinkler system.

Dust and Debris Accumulation

Your fire sprinkler system serves the purpose of pouring water on the fire in case of a fire breakout. For this quick suppression of fire, you need a proper water supply and clean sprinkler head. When you do not maintain the sprinkler system, dust particles and debris tend to get stuck in its head over time. Such accumulation of dust and debris around the sprinkler head can cause malfunctioning, and it may not work in case a fire breaks out.


With the temperatures hitting new lows, the atmosphere tends to get cold. This cold temperature is not suitable for your water-based suppression system as the pipes and the water in the pipes tend to freeze. This causes the sprinkler to become inactive when needed. Also, there could be a pipe burst, which can be damaging to your property. When proper maintenance is done, these pipes are insulated to prevent the water from freezing. Therefore, don’t forget to winterize your fire suppression system.

System Damage

When you conduct proper maintenance from time to time, you are aware of the minute problems happening with the system. The same goes unnoticed due to lack of maintenance. These problems or damages within the system could eventually stop the whole system from functioning as required.


Sprinkler systems have metal components through which the water is released. Over time, the metal components of your sprinkler system can get corroded if not maintained and checked from time to time. As a result, it could lead to major leaks in the system.

With so many major concerns, do you still feel that maintenance of a sprinkler system is not necessary? Keep in mind, the time to time inspection and maintenance of all your fixed fire suppression systems is a must to keep you and your property safe from fire. So, get in touch with a fire suppression maintenance specialist today.

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