The diversity of services that Rotaflow offers, along with the varied expertise of its staff, ensures that the company is always looking forward while maintaining a strong customer relationship base with our clients, through trust and integrity. Our engineers, technicians, AutoCAD/ MicroStation designers, construction coordinators, and administration staff all work together to complete all projects to a high standard of excellence. The unity within our company is of true benefit to our clients.


Expertise in fire and building codes and standards

ULC listed and certified to issue Fire Alarm Inspection and Test Certificates

Professional Engineers In different disciplines

Skilled certified technicians in Fire Alarm, Fire Water and Fire Suppression

Unrivalled Customer Support
Offering not only products but the knowledge & expertise

Exceptional Safety Records
More than 100,000 man-hours without a Loss Time Injury

Rotaflow, an Edmonton−based engineering consulting, construction & maintenance company, specializes in fire protection and Electrical Engineering services

Rotaflow’s team of professionals take pride in maintaining our reputation as leaders by :

  • Being highly adaptable to client needs
  • Mixing technical skills with the most efficient technology
  • Providing ‘Fit−for−Purpose’ solutions
  • Offering 100% project transparency

Rotaflow staff members are well versed in the application and interpretation of ABC, AFC, CAN/ULC and NFPA codes, and are CFAA certified.

  • Our team members have their active certifications:
  • ANSUL foam systems design & maintenance
  • Detection & control of hazardous materials
  • Emergency first aid with CPR Level C
  • Fit testing for appropriate mask
  • OSSA Elevated work platform
  • OSSA Confined space entry & monitor
  • OSSA Fall protection
  • Self−contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) & SKA Pac orientation
  • Permit receiver training

Zahir Jiwa

Rotaflow was created with one clear objective…
To deliver sustainable, cost-effective and value-driven engineering and maintenance solutions.

Zahir Jiwa, CEO and Founder


At Rotaflow, all our works begin on the premise that “no work can be started unless it is initiated in a safe manner”. The safety of our employees, clients and the people that we work with, is placed foremost on our agenda.

To illustrate this point, to date Rotaflow has not lost any production
time due to on-site accidents.


Rotaflow Work Management

Work Planning – this stage consists of:

  • Scoping the work
  • Creating a draft of the cost, resource requirements, and a time-line for the project
  • Working with the client to justify and approve for proper project funding

Risk Management – this section includes:

  • Carrying out risk assessments before work begins
  • Performing on-site visual field level assessment before work begins

Project Closure – this stage could include:

  • Issuing the construction work package
  • Commissioning & startup
  • Final walk-down and verification

Contract Negotiations

  • Experienced project managers will negotiate the terms and project cost until a mutual agreement is reached on contract content

Planning and tracking quality

  • Utilize Build Report Canada QA/QC program, which is used to track quality during work execution and after project completion

Scheduling – this stage includes setting up a Build Report Canada Scheduling Program to chart detailed outline of:

  • Work deliverables
  • Completion & drop-dead dates
  • Assigned time for each deliverable
  • Persons assigned to each task

Change Management throughout the Project Life Cycle

  • Schedule is accurately updated to show changes to deliverables and times

Scope & Costing

  • Includes a detailed audit that will accurately determine the cost of implementing the project

Inspections: Building Reports Canada

  • Reduce Liability: Rotaflow utilizes a Building Reports Canada to ensure clients that someone has been to each device and that all of your records are in order.
  • Digital Data Collection results in increased Accuracy & Consistency: Focus can remain on the inspections and checks – not the administration of the paper forms.
  • Life Safety Portal: Access secure reports online; inspection results, fire & life safety plans, emergency plans and all other life safety materials can be accessed with just a few clicks.
  • Information Security: Each user is given specific access to only the areas they require. The data is monitored 24/7.
  • Time Management: Know how long it takes to do each and every type of inspection in your building. With a few clicks know when the work was done or if anything was missed. Manage budgets for coming years without requiring time to collect the data.
  • Budget Management: Beyond the usual inspections know instantly what is coming up for special services such as replacement, hydrostatic testing and/or 6-year maintenance – no more surprises.
  • Third Party Verification: BRC’s records lock time and date stamps.
  • Scheduling: Know when your inspections are due and never miss one again.
  • Priority: Each inspection is Flagged so that building owners/representatives can focus on the most pressing reports