Protective Alarm Systems

When we talk about securing people and assets in a building, several fire protection tools and systems are available to choose from. While most protective alarm systems and other firefighting technologies are beneficial, in some situations they aren’t enough. In fact, in most situations, the fire emergency exit signs help people to evacuate the building. The different types of exit signs generally seen in the commercial and high-rise buildings include:

  • Cast Aluminum Exit Sign: Durable exit signs with icons and directions painted or etched on them.
  • LED Exit Sign: As the name suggests, these signs contain light emitting diode or lights that glow to symbolize fire exits.
  • Self-Luminous Exit Signs: These signs don’t require external power backup as they are self-powered by tritium gas. These signs are made of robust materials such as high-quality acrylic and don’t have extra wiring or bulbs. So these signs, can withstand extremely harsh fire or hot temperatures.

If you are thinking why is it important to have these fire emergency exit signs in your building, here are a few reasons explaining their need.

Assistance for First Time Visitors

People employed in a building are generally aware of various fire and emergency exit points and routes. However, the visitors might not know the same, and they can get trapped in the building. The most obvious benefit of having fire exit signs is that it helps the first-time visitors of the building to evacuate the building as soon as they can.

Helps During Power Cut-offs

Imagine a situation where there is no power supply due to a short-circuit or fire outbreak. Even the most effective fire protection system that runs on electricity will be of no use in this situation. In such cases, self-luminous fire emergency exit signs help people to leave the property and save their lives. As they can withstand extremely hot fire conditions and guide people to proceed towards fire exits.

In Case of a Long Exit Route

If your fire exit point isn’t adjacent to most places in the building or if your fire exit route is too long, you need fire exit signs. These signs guide the employees as well the visitors to the exit points so that they can leave the property immediately. These signs also guide people to distinguish between an actual exit point and a non-fire exit point.

The fire emergency exit signs often do not get much attention until they are needed. If you never thought about installing exit signs, just think how you would  deal if the emergency situation arises shortly? You won’t be prepared for it, and this can cost several lives. Therefore, consider securing people and assets in your commercial or high-rise building by installing fire emergency exit signs along with protective alarm system and other fire protection systems.

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