Fire Control System

The danger comes unnoticed and hence, being prepared for any kind of disaster, be it a fire outburst or gas leak, is very important. Installing a fire control system in your premises will help you control the fire immediately. However, at times, the fire control systems may not be sufficient to suppress the fire, and so, you need to call the firefighters to suppress the flames of fire. Apart from the best training provided to these firefighters, it is important to provide them complete protection too. Some basic turnout gear is needed to protect their body from the effects of fire and control it as well. Below are some best turnout gears to fight the fire which you must have.

1. Turnout Trousers

The first thing that the firefighters usually wear is the trousers that are attached to suspenders. These suspenders are heavy-duty clothing, and the firefighter can perform various activities easily. These trousers are equipped with pockets for firefighters to carry tools, ropes, and all other essential equipment during a fire outburst.

2. Turnout Coat

Turnout coats are a type of jacket that has huge pockets that help to carry needed equipment during an emergency. These jackets have full sleeves and with a Nomex covering at the end. This Nomex covering around the wrist is attached with a thumb joint that makes it stay in place and also protects the exposed skin of the wrist from the fire. The turnout coats also have velcro or simple zip which makes it faster to wear.

3. Boots

Fire boots are generally made of rubber or leather and are long enough to cover your legs till the calf length. The boots that slip inside the trousers are outfitted with a steel toe. These steel toes protect your feet from damage. Also, there is a puncture-resistant midsole plate that protects your shoes from any puncture caused due to sharp materials.

4. Helmet

Helmets are important to protect a firefighter’s head from any falling debris or external injury. Also, it protects the head from heat, burns or any electric shock at the place of fire. Some of these helmets have attached goggles to it. If not, the firefighter must use separate goggles to protect their eyes from the fire.

5. Flash Hood

While the helmet is not able to give complete protection to your ears and neck, a flash hood helps cover the exposed skin around ears and neck. These flash hoods are generally made using Nomex material to provide complete protection from fire.

6. Hand Protection Gloves

Most commonly used hand protection gloves are:

  • Work gloves: These gloves are mostly made of leather and provide flexible hand movement during a fire crisis.

  • Structural firefighting gloves: These gloves are heavier and puncture resistant which makes them more ideal for protection from fire.

All the above are some basic turnout gear to fight the fire which is generally made up of three layers:

  • Thermal Lining

  • Moisture Barrier

  • Outer Shell

Various types of materials are available to create these three layers of protection for the firefighters. Each of the above-mentioned turnout gears is must for firefighters. Once the fire alarm triggers, these firefighters reach your premises for rescue. If you are looking to install an alarm in your premises, get in touch with fire alarm services, Edmonton.

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