panel fire alarm

Title: Fire Alarm, Fire Water & Fire Suppression Systems for an Oil & Gas and Mining site
Year: 2016 – 2017
Location: Northern Alberta
Scope of work: To perform Commissioning & Startup activates for the entire site Fire Protection Systems at site including:

  • Fire alarm systems verifications
  • Fire Water piping flush activities for both underground piping and building risers
  • Hydrant Flow test and inspection
  • PIVs inspections and functioning verification
  • Manifolds, Firefighting monitors, Sprinkler systems, Stand Pipe Hose station systems acceptance test (verification of design) including Flow test and functionality test
  • Helping client with Issuance of Building Occupancy Permit
  • FM200 Fire suppression systems acceptance test
  • Foam Suppression System acceptance test including Foam concentrate testing and foam generator performance verification test
  • Dry Chemical Suppression System verification and acceptance test