fire control equipment

Year Completed: 2014

Location: Northern Alberta

Scope of work: To develop a Design Basis of Memorandum for an Oil & Gas Upstream Plant supply project. The project deliverables were as follows.

  • Design of electrical distribution system for the booster pumps of CPW supply system to the Plant
  • Issue and gain approval for the Tie-in request
  • Reserve the required DCS I/O points.
  • Update single line drawings of MCCs of the Plant
  • Update layout drawings of 480V MCCs of the Plant
  • Develop schematic wiring diagrams for booster pumps of CPW Gland and Tempering water system.
  • Update equipment layout drawings.
  • Update grounding layout drawings.
  • Develop power and control cable schedule.
  • Produce equipment specification for Breakers, Starters, Instruments and Cables.
  • Load calculation to evaluate load impact of adding new load on Main breaker of MCC and upstream transformer.
  • To evaluate redundancy in power supply to new loads.
  • To evaluate routing for power and control cables of new loads.
  • To update single line diagram of MCCs for adding new loads.
  • To update layout drawings of MCCs for adding new loads.