In the event of a fire, Stat-X generators can be activated either manually or automatically via the integrated thermal detector.

Agent Container. The generator housing is constructed of exterior and interior stainless steel shells separated by an insulating material. The top and bottom of housing is stainless steel. The housing is sealed with a non-permeable membrane and incorporates a mechanical means to ensure rupture of the membrane upon activation. The housing is non-pressurized prior to system activation.

Finish. Brushed stainless steel.

Aerosol Agent. Aerosol generated is potassium based and manufacturer shall provide fifteen (15) minute time weighted average data from an independent United States laboratory demonstrating that the aerosol does not produce (at normal design concentrations harmful levels of CO, CO2, and NOx based on NIOSH standards. There is no ozone depletion potential and no global warming potential. Agent is approved for commercial sale by the US EPA.

Operation/Storage Parameters:

  • Temperature -40° C to +54° C (-40° F to +130° F)
  • Relative Humidity up to 98{c0800b06ac212de69cfc05ac3a21173968e58200577490a0cd190f48e00a292d} at +35° C (+95° F)

Transportation Classification:

  • For shipment by motor vehicle, rail, or cargo vessel:  Special Permit 20600, UN3268, Class 9, Proper Shipping Name: Safety Devices
  • For shipment by air (cargo or passenger): UN0432, Class 1.4S, Proper Shipping Name: Article, Pyrotechnic for Technical Purposes
  • Shipping Limitations:
    — Ground: None
    — Max. weight per unit packaging — Cargo Air 100 kgs (220 lbs)
    — Max. weight per unit packaging — Passenger Air 25 kgs (55 lbs)

Stat X




Stat-X fire suppression with manual activation are stand alone units. They are activated manually via a cable pull. These are suitable for a broad range of applications in smaller enclosures. They are available in sizes ranging from 30 grams to 1,000 grams.

Stat-X® and Stat-X First Responder® are registered trademarks. The Stat-X brand is sold worldwide exclusively by Fireaway Inc. under license from R-Amtech International, Inc.

In the event of a fire, Stat-X manual generators can be activated manually via a cable pull.

Upon activation, the generators produce an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol. Unlike gaseous systems, Stat-X aerosol generators are cost effective to install and maintain — as they do not require the pressure vessels, piping or expensive installation costs associated with other extinguishing systems.

Space and weight requirements are minimal and, in many applications, the small size of the Stat-X aerosol generators makes them the only viable option. On an agent weight basis, Stat-X aerosol is ten times more effective than gaseous agent alternatives.

Fire suppression is rapidly achieved through interference between the ultra-fine aerosol particulate and the flame’s free radicals — terminating propagation of the fire.

Stat-X aerosol generators are virtually maintenance free and have a shelf life of over ten (10) years. This, coupled to their low installation cost, makes them an extremely cost effective fire protection solution.