PLC controller

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a type of computerized industrial control panel that is used in different types of industrial automotive processes. In the automation process of a PLC, the industrial control panel is fed the process information as an input that is comprehended by the PLC. The PLC then makes a decision and sends an output based on the input. With the technical advancement, different types of PLCs have become much better at automation and are commonly used in the following processes in different industries.

To Run Centrifuge Pumps

To run a centrifuge pump, it is essential that the right amount of pressure is applied. Only the right amount of pressure can give the required flow to create a centrifuge. A PLC industrial control panel is used for the same as it can control pressure to an optimum level. In some industries, you will find centrifuges run by PLC for different purposes such as wastewater management, fuel production, etc.

Automated Conveyors

PLCs are commonly used on the 3-way sorting of produced items on conveyor belts. The control panels for such industries are specially designed with the infrared sensors providing input about the object’s height and length. The PLC then commands the solenoid valve to sort the items to the right, left and center.

Glass Production

Glass production is an industry that requires precision. This led to the inclusion of PLC controller in the production process. The PLC controller is used to feed the analog data as well as the digital quality and position control data for smooth production.

Paper Manufacturing

Paper manufacturing includes various processes like mechanical pulping, waste paper repulping, etc. PLC controllers are used to monitor and control the machines in general during the production. It majorly looks after the production process of newspaper and book pages.

Cement Manufacturing

Apart from the good raw materials, the production of cement requires precision to make the right mixture. This precision is achieved with the help of a PLC controller. With the help of a PLC controller, the process of shaft kilning, ball milling, and coal kilning is managed.

Geothermal Power Plants

Geothermal power plants dig into the Earth’s core to get extreme heat and generate electricity. The deeper you dig into the Earth, the temperature increases. For every 20,000 km of digging, the temperature rises up to 190°C. Such temperatures are a good source of energy. PLC systems are used to collect the heated water from below, use it for energy production and then put it back into the ground.

These are some of the major uses of a PLC controller. The technological advancement has made PLC a commonly used part of the industrial control panel, which when combined with a well-designed system makes industrial automation highly efficient and effective. If you wish to implement PLC controlled industrial control panels in your organization, get in touch with the industrial control panel specialists in Edmonton.

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