Good control panel design

The industrial control panels or the ICPs are typically the configurations of different components such as the controllers, relays, switches, and other systems to ensure a smooth flow of operations. With the use of ICPs, it reduces human dependency for any operation or process. Increased productivity, improved quality of operations, enhanced flexibility, and refined accuracy are some of the primary benefits of using an industrial control panel. If you’re planning to invest in an industrial control panel for your company, here are some things to consider when selecting a well-designed control panel.

The design

Having the right design for your control panel is never an easy task. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a control panel with good design.

Wires and components

When selecting the right control panel design, you should make sure that you pay adequate attention to its wires and components. Depending on the load current, you should choose the right type of wiring. The circuit current should also be based on the load current as it is able to deliver the required load current. The risk associated with overheating of wires is reduced if you select the right circuit.

The types of components should be selected keeping in mind its functional requirements. The size of a component is important because of the load current and voltage requirements.

Control components and supply conductors

Control circuits are important as they are responsible for providing logic for an operation to other components. When selecting the control components, choose the simplest one. Some options available are relays, timers, and terminal blocks.

Supply conductors are responsible for handling the highest volume of load. You need to determine the sum of the connected motors and apparatus and then further add the full load current for resistive loads and plus, an additional sum of the load current of the highest rated motor to select the right supply conductors.

Storage enclosure

It is always a wise move to ensure that your control panel is located in a well-ventilated area. As such equipment consists of too much wiring, they are bound to get overheated at times and can catch fire. With proper ventilation, such a situation can be avoided as the ventilation zone can help in reducing the temperature.


When you label the wires, equipment, and the terminals, you can have an easy time in maintaining the control panel. Maintenance becomes easy as you exactly know which wiring and terminal need to be repaired or changed to ensure efficient functioning of the system. It is necessary that you opt for labels that are durable enough to withstand the changes and damages caused by the system.
In order to have a good control panel design, you need to consider the faceplates, front panels, operator devices, etc. as well. If you wish to customize and select the best design for your ICP, you can contact one of our control system specialists.

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