Advancement in technology acted as a boon to the industrial sector with the introduction of industrial control panels. Industrial control panels minimized human effort by almost 50 percent by enabling automation in the various processes. This kind of automation has been majorly possible because of two main types of industrial control systems, the PLC system, and the DCS system. While industries easily incorporate these systems into their processes, they fail to maintain them for a long period. So here are some ways to make your PLC and DCS systems last longer.

Timely Maintenance

When we talk about making anything last longer, maintenance is the first thing to consider. For any system, timely maintenance is necessary for smooth functioning. The same applies to your PLC and DCS systems. To make them last longer, make sure you check each part of your systems and ensure they are tight, clean, and function properly.

Rely on Professionals

To enhance the life of your PLC and DCS control systems, you could opt for a simple procedure to modify your control process. In this control process, you need to devise a procedure under which your control panels are only tested and worked on by the same experienced engineers always. This will ensure that your control systems are in the right hands at all times.


PLC and DCS systems are integrated machines with numerous parts functioning at the same time. Such kind of exertion can make a control panel heat up. Heating up of a control panel leads to untimely breakdowns and short lifespan. To avoid this, ensure that you provide proper ventilation and air conditioning in the rooms where you place your PLC and DCS systems. Installation of an air conditioner will ensure that your control panel does not heat up.

The above mentioned ways will help you extend the life of your PLC and DCS control systems. It is essential that you follow these tips and try to implement them for your industrial control panels. Frequent installation and replacement of your PLC and DCS control system will not only cost you a lot of money but also time. This is because you will have to reprogram the control systems again for it to understand the input and output of your industrial process. So make sure you do timely maintenance of your PLC and DCS control systems. For more information and assistance on control system maintenance get in touch with our engineers.

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