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Automation is the process of using technology to replace human efforts. Industrial automation refers to the technological advancement that has eased out the major processes in the industrial sector. A large credit for industrial automation goes to information technology for using artificial intelligence and machine learning to manage the equipment in the industrial sector. In this article, we will talk briefly about the impact of AI and machine learning on industrial automation.

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What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to mimic human intelligence. When machines are able to think and respond like humans, it is known as artificial intelligence. Machine learning is a process that leads to artificial intelligence. It is the algorithm that enables a machine to use data knowledge to mimic the human intelligence. So these two concepts are correlated but not the same. Employing both these techniques, industrial automation process takes place.

The Impact

Automated processes

With the help of AI and machine learning, the industrial processes have seen a sudden wave of automation which has resulted in easier production and manufacturing process. With calculated steps taken by these smart equipment, the precision in the process has increased, and efforts required have decreased.

Faster Productions

Machines can be calibrated to increase or decrease the speed of a task as per your wish. This gives the liberty of customizing the process. Production can be done much faster now as the machines can be adjusted to double the speed of humans in production.

Safer Procedures

Earlier, there used to be many risks involved in the industrial sector. The manpower had to be careful to avoid getting hurt. With machines taking over, the procedures in industries have become safer for humans who can now simply control the machine from a computer without actually going near it.

Lesser Expenses

Machines have the capability to undertake huge commands with the help of AI and machine learning. This means that a single machine can replace the efforts of approximately four to five humans. In this way, industrial automation is helping in reduces the expenses of the industries.

Quality Productions

AI and machine learning are enabling industries to get their work done faster and with precision. With quality products produced in quick time, the quality of delivery has improved in the industrial sector.

Technological advancement has definitely benefited the industrial sector through industrial automation. So if you want to move ahead with time and incorporate industrial automation in your organization, get in touch with our automation specialists.

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