Fire Pump Inspection

Fire pumps are an important part of the fire sprinkler systems. These pumps are either powered by fuel or electricity. Based on the water supply of the property, these pumps are either directly connected to the main water supply channel or to a static water tank. Since these pumps apply force to pump out water and work on mechanical parts, they need timely fire pump inspection. Inspections are needed to ensure that they function properly. Here are some reasons why it’s important to inspect your fire pump.

The pump is an integral part

The fire pump is an integral part of the fire sprinkler and wet fire suppression systems. It performs the task of pumping the water under high pressure to extinguish out the fire with high-pressure water. If the pump is not inspected on a timely basis, it can malfunction. This malfunctioning can make the whole fire suppression system give up in the time of need.

Constant water pressure is necessary

Water-based fire systems work on the concept of putting out the fire by emitting water with extreme force. If the pressure of the water is not adequate enough, the sprinkler will not function properly, and the fire will continue to spread. To avoid this, the water pressure levels of fire pump are inspected.

Proper water flow is essential

Apart from the water pressure provided by the fire pump, it is essential to identify if the pump is receiving proper water flow. When a wet fire suppression system is designed and installed, it is done keeping in mind the water flow. However, over a period of time, the water flow can fluctuate and cause malfunctioning in the fire pump. Regular inspection addresses this problem.

Obstructions can cause further damage

In any type of water supply, some amount of stones and debris enter the pipe systems. These can accumulate over time and cause obstruction in the pipes. Such obstructed water flow can choke the pipes and make the fire suppression systems ineffective when required. Inspecting fire pumps can help you identify any blockage and prevent the suppression system from malfunctioning.

Abiding by standards is necessary

Fire safety is a structured process that has various standards to follow as per the state and country norms. Hence, fire suppression systems need to be tested and inspected as per the NFPA codes. So regular fire pump inspection ensures that you are not violating any guidelines or standards established for fire safety.

Fire safety systems are complex equipment that needs timely testing, fire pump inspection, and maintenance to ensure that they work as needed. If you need to get your fire system tested and inspected in accordance with the NFPA codes, then contact the fire system inspection engineers in Edmonton.

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