Industrial Control Panels

The industrial control panel is a systematic arrangement of multiple components and control devices to carry out an industrial process effectively. In order to maximize your industrial output, it is necessary to make the most of your industrial control system. For this purpose, you should maintain your industrial system. Also, the electrical components and panels of your equipment are expensive to replace and the entire process can be affected if not maintained. You can ensure the efficient use of your industrial control panels by following these tips.

Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature is one of the most critical steps for maintenance. For this purpose, using cooling systems for your panels which are of appropriate size is recommended. If your system is undersized, your components will be exposed to high heat which will eventually lead to failure and if your system is oversized, your components will be at the risk of condensation and moisture. Cabinet cooling systems are used according to the environmental requirements of your factory. Three types of cabinet cooling systems are widely used, which are Fan Cooled Cabinets, A/C Cooled Cabinets and Air to Water Heat Exchanger.


Industrial control panels come in different sizes and each will have a different number of components. A qualified personnel is required to inspect for worn-out components, brittle wires, and loose connections. Scheduling regular inspections will improve the lifespan of your industrial control panel.

Cleaning and Storage

Vacuum and clean the top and bottom of each component. Use compressed air for unreachable areas. Any unused or loose parts, debris, and paper could cause a fire and therefore, it is important to clean them.

Store your industrial control panel in a safe and centralized location with space for extra parts and machine notes.

Replacing Damaged Labels

After completing preventive maintenance procedure, check the labeling on the entire panel thoroughly. Replace worn and damaged labels to reduce the repair time and increase the safety of the panel.

Documenting Repairs

After each repair, document all the repairs and changes made to the panel. Update the prints and schematics to shorten the repair time during troubleshooting operation issues.

By following these tips, you will ensure that your control panels function as expected and there are no technical issues in the long-run. Moreover, it will reduce your repair costs and other expenses. To know more about how you can make the most of your industrial control panels and other control systems, contact us at Rotaflow Controls.

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