Gas Fire Suppression System

Fire hazards are imminent at places that deal with hazardous substances. Even if your workplace does not have inflammable substances, it can still be susceptible to fire accidents. You have to ensure that your organization is safe from any fire accident. For this reason, you need to have a gas fire suppression system or some kind of suppression system to control the fire. Apart from having a suppression system, you need to know how you can avoid and control a fire accident. Here are few ways that show how you can control fire accidents at workplace.

Safeguard Hazardous Materials

If you work at a place where you have to use inflammable substances such as petrol, diesel, or kerosene, and other chemical substances you need to ensure that they are stored safely. By storing them safely, we mean that you need to keep them in a dry place, avoid any direct or indirect contact with fire or any other object which are capable of igniting these substances. If your workplace does not secure such combustible substances, it can result in damage and destroy your workplace.

Protect Office Equipment

Even if your company does not deal with hazardous substances, it can be at the risk of fire damage. Your workplace should not have loose live wires, and faulty electrical equipment. You should ensure that there are no loose live wires. You should also take note of faulty electrical equipment and get it repaired at the earliest. Likewise, make sure you carry out the maintenance of important systems such as the HVAC system so that they are safe to use and won’t cause any problems in the future.

Install Fire Security Systems

There are numerous security standard protocols specified for a company. When trying to control fire accidents, you need to ensure that you follow all the fire security protocols as per the NFPA codes of your area. Some of the primary fire protection systems involved in safeguarding your workplace are fire detectors and alarms, fire suppression systems, etc.

If your workplace has all these fire security systems installed, you need to check if they are functioning efficiently. You should also ensure that they are replaced after a certain period. The replacement time of these fire systems is pre-informed by the companies manufacturing them.

Educate your Employees

Training your employees on how they should protect themselves when a fire breaks out helps drastically in controlling a fire accident. You can even train your employees to use a fire extinguisher to control a fire.

Conduct Fire Drills

You can also conduct surprise fire drills to ensure that your employees are on their toes to respond to a fire alarm. During the course of an educational fire drill, your employees will be informed about the precautionary measures they need to undertake in case a fire breaks out.

Fire security is a sensitive aspect and should not be taken lightly. When you follow all these measures, your workplace is at a lesser risk of damage due to fire. You should focus on installing all the fire protection equipment as per the NFPA codes requirement. You can also contact a local fire security company to help you in installing the right fire security system based on your building structure as per the NFPA codes. They can also assist in providing extra tips on how you can maintain your fire equipment and minimize the effect of a fire.


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