Fixed Fire Suppression System

When it comes to safeguarding your property or your life, fire is one hazard you simply cannot ignore. Fire is one uncertain hazard that can break out suddenly and spread quite quickly. This aggressive nature of fire makes it essential for you to ensure that your business premise is ready to tackle a fire situation. To assist you in your fire safety planning, here is a fire safety checklist each business owner should follow.

Know Your People Strength

For a business, it is essential to keep a record of the number of employees in their organization and premises. Apart from using this number for attendance, keep a note of this number to make sure you are complying with the building occupancy rate. Every premise has a limit of people it can accommodate and evacuate safely in case of a fire. Find out the same for your premise and comply with it.

Keep a Check on Fire Hazards

For a business premise, maintaining cleanliness is essential. Apart from keeping your premise clean, ensure that there are no open fire hazards in your premises. It is recommended that you train your housekeeping staff on what could be a potential fire hazard and how they can manage dry waste better to avoid fire. Also, do a timely clearance of electricals and other equipment that are not being used.

Educate Your Employees

An informed employee will be able to tackle a fire breakout much better than an uninformed one. It is essential that you get your employees trained on fire safety. Your employees should know how to use a fire extinguisher in case of a fire and what type of suppression system is good for what type of fire.

Install Fire Protection Systems

If you are considering fire safety for your business premise, then you cannot ignore the installation of fire protection systems. Being prepared for a fire is better than regretting later. To safeguard your property from fire at all times, get a fixed fire suppression system as per your business type. For this, you can consult the NFPA code and find out which suppression system is best for your business type. These systems are programmed to extinguish a fire the moment they sense it.

Have a Fire Exit Plan

Having a good fire suppression system will help you control a fire breakout. However, you still need to evacuate the premise to be safe. The problem with evacuations is that if not done properly it could cause more damage. To avoid a disastrous evacuation, have an evacuation plan ready and train your employees on it.

As an accountable business owner, it is your responsibility to safeguard your employees from all types of fire hazards. Following this checklist should help you with it. If you plan to install some fixed fire suppression systems, get in touch with the experts for fire suppression system installation.

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