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Wondering why your organization needs an emergency shutdown system? Any organization that is remotely susceptible to fire needs to have an emergency shutdown system. This system can close down every operation in minimum time. The emergency shutdown system efficiently detects a fire outbreak or cause of an industrial fire and then communicates with gas fire suppression system or any fire suppression system that you have to extinguish a fire. Now that you know what an emergency shutdown system is; let’s take a look at it in more detail.

How Does the Emergency Shutdown System Operate

The emergency shutdown systems consist of sensors. These sensors are programmed in such a way that they are capable of tracking unwanted or emergency situations. Once the sensors detect something such as fire, it will immediately shut down a unit or plant. The emergency shutdown system is primarily used to prevent extensive damage to a unit that can cause a substantial loss for a company. If a company is in an industry where having an emergency shutdown system is mandatory and doesn’t have one, it can lead to severe loss of lives and damages to the property. Previously, there were old emergency shutdown systems also known as conventional shutdown systems which used to shut down only a single unit instead of shutting down the entire workplace. The latest ones can shut down everything in quick time.

Places Where You Can Find Emergency Shutdown Systems

One of the most common places where you can find an emergency shutdown system installed is in offshore or onshore oil drilling units. As these units are at risk of catching fire because of highly inflammable products, shutting down a unit and protecting people becomes essential. Furthermore, an emergency shutdown unit is also applicable in large manufacturing units where an electric fire breaks out. In such situations, gas fire suppression systems can be combined with emergency shutdown systems to extinguish a fire efficiently.

Benefits of Using Emergency Shutdown Systems

An emergency shutdown system is beneficial in numerous ways. Firstly, this system provides a fail-safe performance of controllers. Furthermore, emergency shutdown systems can also be useful to detect faults even before they occur. Another advantage of using an emergency shutdown system is that it provides continuous operation and has a fault-tolerant architecture and other elements of emergency shutdown systems that maximize the production output.

As you now know about how an emergency shutdown system works, you can choose this as an option for your company. Furthermore, if you want to know how more you can benefit from these systems, you can contact a control system company in your locality.

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