Tank Fire Control System

Industrial areas are prone to fires due to many reasons. This fire can cost you millions of dollars along with the loss of life of many workers. Preventive measures to avoid and control fire is the most important step that every person in the industrial space should follow. Having various types of fire alarm systems, tank fire control system or any other fire control system will help you deal fire situations efficiently. However, it is also essential to be aware of the common causes that can lead to industrial fires. Some of these causes are mentioned below.

Combustible Dust

Dust gets accumulated in every manufacturing unit be it a food processing firm or a chemical, steel or woodworking company. If this dust contains some explosive or flammable particles, it can catch fire. This fire is generally secondary which means the fire is minor and does not cause huge destructions. But, if these dust particles spread quickly, it can ignite by itself and cause primary fires. Primary fires have the ability to cause huge destructions and fatalities.

Hot Work

Hot work includes welding, heating, burning, torch cutting, brazing, and many other industrial activities. The heat and sparks created by this process is the leading cause of fires in the industrial sector. This spark can ignite the combustible dust and cause huge fires. For example, if the hot work is carried out near a chemical tank, it can ignite the chemical to cause devastating fires.

Flammable Liquids And Gases

Flammable liquids and gases are a major part of the chemical industry. Improper handling of these chemicals can lead to secondary fires. If the liquid chemical spills over, it converts into gaseous form and can ignite due to various elements available in the air. The same goes for various gases that can leak and cause a fire. Flammable liquids and gases have the power to burn down the entire premises into ashes.

Equipment And Machinery

Industrial sectors have a huge variety of equipment and machinery. Any faulty machines, improper installation, low maintenance, the friction of machinery parts, and many other reasons can cause major industrial fires.

Electrical Hazards

Every industry has an electric unit where all the wires are connected. Open wires, overload circuits, static discharge, extension cords, overload outlets, and many other reasons can cause electrical fires. Also, loose and improper fitting of wires can cause a short circuit. This can lead to dysfunction of electric equipment and can also lead to secondary fires.

Human Errors

The most common reason for an industrial fire is because of human errors. A small mistake can lead to huge fires. For example, if a person spills over a flammable liquid, or forgets to clean the combustible dust, the liquid or dust can ignite and cause a fire. Also, not suppressing the primary fire on time can lead to secondary fires. Installing fire alarms and tank fire control system will help you notify about fire outbreak and help suppress it immediately.

All the above are just a few common causes of fire in industries. This fire can be controlled, and damages can be reduced by making every worker in a firm aware of the precautionary measures that need to be taken. Along with this, having fire alarm control and suppression systems will help you deal with unfortunate fire outbreaks in your industrial units.

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