Mist Fire Suppression Systems

If you’re concerned about the risk of fire in your kitchen, you may want to consider buying a kitchen hood fire suppression system. While buying the wet chemical or mist fire suppression systems, you might have several questions in your mind. In this article, we have provided a complete guide for you to know everything about kitchen hood fire suppression systems.

Components of a Hood Fire Suppression System

A kitchen hood fire suppression system isn’t a single-piece system. It consists of a number of components and parts that collectively work in coordination to put off a kitchen fire.

  • Ventilation Hoods – These hoods are designed to eliminate fumes, smoke, and heat to maintain optimum temperature.
  • Exhaust Fans – The exhaust fans keep the kitchen properly ventilated.
  • Make-up Fans – The make-up air fans improve air circulation in the kitchen.
  • Fire Suppression Systems – These systems contain heat sensors that get activated when a fire takes place. The sprinklers of these systems discharge water or chemical to extinguish fire instantly.

Types of Kitchen Suppression Systems

Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

A water mist fire suppression system uses very fine water sprays or water mist. These water droplets cool the flame as well as the surrounding gases by evaporation. They displace oxygen by evaporation, thus putting off the fire. Water’s coverage increases 1600 times in its mist form. This means that minimum to no damage is caused to the kitchen and the chances of fire spreading to other parts of the kitchen or adjacent rooms are low.

Wet Chemical-based Fire Suppression Systems

The wet chemical fire suppression systems or traditional systems are commonly used in commercial kitchens. These systems contain foam agents or saponification chemicals that are developed with an optimized biological tolerance. These biodegradable agents contain 90% water and 10% chemicals that form a foam blanket on top of the fire and ceases oxygen supply to the fire. The 90% water content cools the area instantly and prevents re-ignition of fires.

Regardless of which type of suppression system is used in commercial kitchens, the nozzles of the suppression system are located just above the cooking system such as stove or fryer, and other fire-prone elements in the kitchen. Therefore, the chances of fire spreading to other places are minimized on account of this arrangement.

How Does a Kitchen Suppression System Works?

As soon as the fire suppression system installed in the hood above the appliance detects fire, water or wet chemicals are discharged. Water or wet chemicals cut off the supply of oxygen to fire and put off the fire. The discharge is sensed by a pressure switch, which will immediately cut the power to the appliance, depriving the fire of fuel. This is how wet chemical-based or mist fire suppression systems quickly extinguish kitchen fires.

Commercial kitchen hood fire suppression systems aren’t only meant for restaurants. Any property that has a kitchen such as schools, hotels, hostels, or even apartment residences can benefit from these commercial hood fire suppression systems. If you wish to install a new commercial hood fire suppression system on your property, give us a call on 587-400-1107 to get your quote.

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