Vibration analysis is the process of looking for faults and monitoring the changes in the established vibration signature of the machine. All machines that rotate vibrate to some extent. The vibrations in your machines can be measured to look for imbalance or damage in the machine. Measuring these vibrations provides information about the variations in amplitude, frequency, and intensity of the vibrations. This type of vibration data allows us to gain insight into the health of the equipment. There are various other benefits of vibration analysis that are mentioned below.

Early Detection of Machine Failure

Vibration analysis detects problems before complete failure of your machine. Complete failure of a machine can be expensive and it can affect the entire process. With vibration analysis, you can detect problems before they become severe and ensures that your machine is in perfect condition at all times.

Reduce Equipment and Labor Costs

Vibration analysis helps in finding faulty components in your machine. These faulty components can be repaired instead of replacing the entire equipment which can minimize the cost of maintenance. Scheduled analysis and repairs save time and labour costs. Additionally, you do not need to replace the entire machinery or parts which can only increase your repair costs.

Notifies You About Maintenance

Vibration analysis checks for the general condition of your machine. Understanding the general health of your machines allows you to know when you should carry out maintenance tasks. Vibration analysis detects wear and tear in early stages which helps you to take preventive measure for the wear and tear of your machines.

Increases Safety

Potential problems are fixed before the major failures of the machine, which ensures the safety of employees and equipment. This helps in avoiding occupational hazards at the workplace.

Extends the Life of the Machine

Regular maintenance of your machine ensures that the machine will have a long life. Traditional maintenance methods are reactive, while vibration analysis is preventive. Preventive measures avoid the risk of machine failure and ensure that your machine lasts long. This again reduces the cost of buying a new machinery.

Identifies the Root Cause of Defects

Vibration analysis identifies the root cause of the defects. It helps in figuring out the physical cause and effect of the defect which assists in fixing problems quickly. Moreover, it reduces unwanted repairs of other parts.

In short, vibration analysis will reduce your expenses, ensure the safety of your employees and equipment, and prevent processes from getting affected. To know more about vibration analysis or maintenance of your machines, contact our Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls experts.

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