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The word ETAP stands for Engineering Technical Acquisition Project. It is a company that has contributed to the world of power systems and control panels by coming up with functional software and studies. ETAP provides analytical tools for engineering processes such as simulation, monitoring, controlling, optimizing, etc. One such study is the Power Systems Study by ETAP. This study was conducted with the aim to identify potential hazards in electrical power systems and to come up with a safety measure.

Load Flow Study

The purpose of the Load Flow study was to identify the power system’s ability to supply the connected load without overloading the equipment. In this study, the equipment within the power systems is compared with the maximum limit of load specified by the equipment manufacturer. After analyzing the load of power systems, the load flow study generates a report about the equipment’s power flow, which helps a user to control the amount of load that is put on a machine.

Fault Study

A fault study is conducted on the power systems to identify the faulty current including the Device Duty Evaluation based on the ANSI/IEEE C37. This study will provide the X/R ratios and the equipment interruptions in an electrical distribution system diagram. With this study, the industrial units will be able to plan their electrical systems to avoid short circuits.

Arc Flash Study

The arc flash study performed under the ETAP power study is conducted to identify the potential arc flash hazard in power systems. In this study, all the possible arc flash hazards are assessed, and accordingly, safety measures are incorporated. These include installation of arc reduction switched, the creation of a boundary around the arc flash hazard, determining the gear to work around these systems, etc.

Protective Device Coordination

The protective device coordination study, under ETAP study, selects and arranges the different protective devices in order to limit the effects of a short circuit on the complete industrial area. With the help of this study, one can identify the sizes of the fuse to use, what setting to apply on relays, etc. It also helps in a new power system selection.

The different sub-studies within ETAP can help you make some important decisions about your power systems. These decisions will not only affect your power system selection process but also the protection and security of your overall industrial unit. So, implement the learnings of these studies and select appropriate power systems from trusted power system specialists.

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