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As fire protection is considered to be extremely important for residential as well as commercial complexes, installing fire control system is mandatory. A fire control system has a fire detection system and an alarm system. A fire detection system detects smoke or heat caused due to fire and then alerts or triggers the alarm system. Once the alarm system is notified of a fire, it will raise an alarm. But what if your fire detection system is not able to detect fire or it is not functioning properly? This can be a serious problem and there’s a greater risk to people’s lives. But what are the main reasons a fire detection system would malfunction? Well, to answer your question, in this article, we’ve listed a few reasons why your fire detection system may not function as expected.


You should check if the detectors have dirt over them. In cases when fire detectors have dirt over them, they may accidentally detect the dirt as smoke. This can be a major cause for triggering false alarms. To avoid this, you should ensure that you clean the sensors regularly. Also, timely maintenance can ensure that you have clean fire detectors.

Detector irregularities

If you have installed a wrong fire detection system for your complex, your detector is bound to detect random things as a threat. Suppose you install a fire detection system that is apt for a smaller area; your large unit would not be effectively protected from a fire threat. In such cases, you should ensure that the fire detection system that you’ve bought is installed at all places and it is apt for your area as per the NFPA codes.

Faulty connections

There might be instances when your fire detection system becomes old and have loose wires or it may not be installed properly. When your sensor has a loose wire, it is bound to incorrectly detect signals as fire threats and thus, raise false alarms. In worst cases, it may not be able to detect fire and notify the alarm system in case of an actual fire. To avoid such a situation, you should perform timely repairs from professionals.

Lack of maintenance

If you have a fire detection system in your manufacturing unit, you should ensure that the detection systems are maintained and repaired at regular intervals of time. Regular repairs can help in ensuring that the fire detection systems are functioning efficiently.

Now that you know the reasons your fire detection system may malfunction, you should make sure you get them tested and inspected by fire control experts. You should also ensure that your detection systems are updated according to NFPA specifications so that your manufacturing units are safe. If you wish to invest in a new fire detection system or get your old ones tested and inspected, you can get in touch with a fire control specialist.

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